Journal of Plastic Dermatology 2011

Adele Sparavigna, Regina Vesnaver, Anna Cenni, Marco Oliva

Aim of this study was to evaluate by clinical and non invasive instrumental evaluations the efficacy and the tolerance of a cosmetic slimming treatment specific for light/moderate adipose pannicula at level of the waist and hips. The protocol has been performed as double blind, active versus placebo trial on 110 volunteers for a period of 4 weeks. The study foresaw an addicted visit 4 weeks after the last product application. During the visit the following clinical/instrumental evaluation was carried out: clinical assessment of hip-abdomen adipose pannicula, circumference measurements, ultrasonographic evaluation of adipose pannicula thickness and plicometry. At the end of the treatment the study product slimming activity resulted clinically different than the placebo, determined a significative decrease of abdomen/hips circumferences and a considerable reduction of abdomen/hips adipose pannicula thickness. The tolerability was good. The enrolled volunteers expressed their full satisfaction about the studied product.