Dermatological research

The Derming Institute guarantees the execution of research and clinical studies on treatments and products intended for contact with the skin:

  • continuous updating of the survey methods
  • contract research programming
  • guarantee of compliance with the agreed times
  • guarantee of reliability, confidentiality of data and maximum security through IT tools

Clinical tests take place at the same institute with cutting-edge equipment on a large database of volunteers.

Furthermore, multi-center clinical studies can be organized on the whole national territory and abroad.

Experience, reliability, confidentiality, security

Systems for the custody of paper documents, computer protection systems and secrecy obligations with the staff, guarantee the utmost confidentiality and security both for the data held by Derming and for the issues dealt with.

Derming operates with a battery of routine tests; in case of particular customer needs, new ad hoc methods are agreed, targeted to the specific case, combining the various survey techniques and even providing new ones.

Main tests:

  • Hydration
  • Sebometry
  • Phmetria
  • Tewl
  • Sebutape *
  • Torsiometria (elasticizing, firming and emollient effect)
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Sun protection factor (Colipa)
  • Water Resistance/Arm Immersione Test
  • “Antiage” efficacy*
  • Antiwrinkle efficacy*
  • Surface micro-relief activity*
  • Follicular biopsy
  • Soothing activity
  • “Anticellulite” efficacy *

* Milan Chamber of Commerce Award “Promotion of product and service innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises 2001-2002”

  • Trichology, Phototrichogram*
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Self-assessment test

* Evaluations supported by specific hardware and software

Computerized image analysis

It is the flagship of the Derming scientific activity, with internationally patented original methods and numerous scientific publications.

Derming operates with routine tests that meet international standards:

  • Epicutaneous occlusive test (Patch Test) 24 or 48 hours
  • Repeated patch test (HRIPT)
  • Predictive test of allergenicity(Traub et al., ad.)
  • Photopatchtest
  • “Predictive” test of photoirritation / photoallergenicity
  • Use test under dermatological control
  • Use test under gynecological control
  • Ophthalmologic evaluation of ocular tolerability (with slit lamp)
  • Comedogenicity test (Follicular biopsy)

Tests carried out according to the following guidelines:

  • Colipa
  • CTFA